Hotel Akshar inn exterior design by Artilett

Welcome to a visual journey exploring the exterior design of Hotel Akshar INN, artfully crafted by Artilett. This stylish establishment is a testament to modern architecture blending with comfort and elegance.

The facade of Hotel Akshar INN presents a welcoming sight with its layered structure that combines smooth white surfaces with warm wooden accents. The lower levels of the hotel showcase a series of broad, orange-toned wooden panels, injecting a sense of warmth to the building’s modernistic charm. Above, the hotel’s walls are a crisp white, offering a clean, minimalist backdrop that makes the greenery pop.

Lush plants cascade from the terraces, adding a touch of nature and softening the overall aesthetic. These green accents not only enhance the hotel’s appeal but also promote sustainability. The terrace gardens are a smart design choice, likely offering guests a serene environment to unwind.

The hotel’s lighting design deserves a special mention. Elegant, understated wall fixtures cast a soft glow, accentuating the building’s geometry and the textures of the materials used. This thoughtful illumination ensures the hotel stands out, inviting passersby to step in from dusk till dawn.

Balconies protrude from the hotel’s skin, offering private outdoor spaces for guests. The protective glass balustrades ensure safety without compromising the view. Even the parking space is designed with intention, seamlessly integrated into the hotel’s structure, with ample lighting and easy access.

Hotel Akshar INN’s exterior is a promise of the luxury and tranquility that awaits within, crafted with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to aesthetic elegance and guest comfort.